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Wildcats Athletics

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Wildcats Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:35PM

2017 Wildcat Golf

**Grace Huffman will be signing her Letter of Intent to play Division I golf at Longwood University on November 14 in RCHS Commons at 2:00 - Hope some of our golf parents can make it.  A Huge Accomplishment!

District Record - 9 hole matches - 6-0 - Valley District Champs!! / Regular Season Record - 13-0 (not counting the three 18 tournaments with multiple teams or end of season tournaments)

Pre-Season Kick Off tourney @ Lakeview - in a 15 team kick off tourney the Cats did a fine job placing 4th.  4A Jefferson Forest was top dogs with 4A Charlottesville right behind.  Cats are now ready to kick off the Season and get ready for Districts.

Match - at Fort Defiance (Ironwood CC) - Wildcats won there first District match in our new league (Valley District). In a 9 Hole match on a par 36 front nine the Cats shot 161 and Fort shot 183 - Buffalo Gap also played and was over 200.  Grace Huffman smashed the ball off the tee all day and shot 38 and Trey Cathcart was solid as always with 39. Next up was Cole Cathcart with 41 - nice day for Cole and he seems to be getting back into the flow and rounding out our top 4 scores was Will McClung with 43.  Very proud of Will for stepping up and playing well.  Also playing was Cole Higgins and Garrett Huffman - both with 46. Not their best but they will get there soon.  Next matches are Monday and Tuesday! 

Match - @ Vista Links vs. Parry McCluer, Buffalo Gap, Riverheads.  The Wildcats brought their A game with them to Buena Vista and shot 145 as a team in a 9 hole match. On a par 36, Trey Cathcart shot 35, Grace Huffman 36, Cole Cathcart 37, Cole Higgins 37 for the 145 total.  Garrett Huffman shot 38 and Will McClung 40 and all 6 Cats were the top 6 scores of the day.  Trey got out to a great start by chipping in an eagle from a bunker on his first hole and Grace made a nice birdie putt on the same hole - great job!  Cole C. was solid all day getting up and down from some crazy spots but he is the best at that I have ever coached.  Cole H. had a slow start and then caught fire - He went 3 under on his last 7 holes and really battled for a great score.  Very proud of Garrett and Will as they both came in strong and played great golf.  Keep it up team.

Match - Home vs Turner Ashby - Wow - what a day of Golf.  Wildcats shot 143 and TA 185. Trey and Grace both played great golf and both shot under par - 34 and 34 and neither had a bogey.  They have become great team leaders on and off the course.  Garrett Huffman stepped up big time and shot 37.  He has so much talent and as a freshman he could really be a special player.  Cole Higgins once again played steady golf and shot 38 and continues to improve each match.  Cole Cathcart shot 40 with some amazing up and downs but just has to get off the Tee and we will fix that soon.  Will McClung,  Noah Gyscek, John Shomo and Noah Sullivan all played as well.  Noah had a fine day with a 40 and John did as well with 47. Go Cats!

Match - Wildcats 145, Wilson Memorial 164, Parry McCluer 201, Buffalo Gap - DNF - All top 6 Wildcat Golfers did something I can't remember ever happening - They all shot in the 30's.  Trey once again was top shelf-no dust - scoring a 34 - followed by a trio of amazing talent - Grace, Cole H., Cole C. and had 37 - great playing by top 4.  Next was a fine 38 by Garrett and 39 by Will - both wonderful scores that didn't count in team total.  The Cats are really pushing each other and that is what is making this team special.  I can't wait to see where it leads.  All 9 Cats got to compete yesterday and that was fun to watch and fun for them.  Noah G. and Noah S. both shot 47 followed by freshman John Shomo (first competition) with 53. Thanks for all those that came out and time to beat Harrisonburg today!

Match at Heritage Oaks vs. Harrisonburg - Another Big Win - 151-183.  On the difficult par 36 back nine from the Black Tees - Trey once again did his thing and shot 1 under par 35 followed by the spectacular Grace with 36.  These two fine young players are tearing up courses all over the area.  So proud of them both - they are great Captains.  The next three players each had a hole that didn't agree with them, but they overcame and Cole H, Cole C and Garrett all shot 40.  If they can continue to push each other and work hard on the areas of their game that needs some attention they could make some real noise come tourney time.  Go Cats - Next up is Waynesboro in a week. Trey was medalist, followed by Grace - H'burg #2 39, and then Cole, Cole, Garrett 40. 

Match at Waynesboro CC - Rain and wet conditions didn't slow down the Wildcat Golf team as they defeated Waynesboro 152-224.  All 6 Wildcats finished at top 6 - Trey and Grace once again lead the way with even par 36.  Trey started with a triple bogey and stuck with it to make 3 birdies and fight back to even par.  Grace was solid all the way around making 2 birdies and 2 bogeys.  They have both been amazing.  Cole Higgins once again stepped up and shot a 4 over 40 with a few bad breaks.  Fine round and could even have been lower.  Noah Gyscek stepped up in his first action of the season and shot 40.  Very proud of his play today and his focus. Garrett didn't have his best game but managed a 45 and Cole C struggle to a 47, but both will be ready come tourney time.  Very proud of this team and how the pick each other up when one isn't having the best of days.  Special group of young people and parents - thanks for doing such a fine job raising such fine kids. Waynesboro was lead by Sam Sikora with 49.

Match - all 7 District teams - HOME - The Wildcats were rolling once again and defeated all the Valley Teams today.  RCHS - 308, Broadway - 318, Fort - 343, Spotswood - 345, Harrisonburg - 372, Turner Ashby - 378, Waynesboro - 411.  Christian Michael of Fort shot 72 followed by Grace Huffman (73), Trey Cathcart (73).  Once again Trey and Grace were amazing.  They are always focused and both have great attitudes and pass that down to the rest of their teammates.  Cole Higgins was steady and always seems to have a birdie when he needs it and Cole Cathcart is turning the corner and can't wait to see them both get hot at the right time. Both young men shot 81 today which was the 6th best score in the tourney.  Very proud of freshman Garrett Huffman (84)and sophomore Will McClung (85) - 9th best scores in tourney.  Two more 9 hole matches left and one more 18 hole match  and then on to REGIONS (at Ironwood - Oct. 2).  Time to fine tune our games and get ready for a run at the Big Dance!  Go Cats!!!!

Match vs. Spotswood - Cats win again 151-161 setting up Monday showdown for regular season title with Broadway. Trey Cathcart was on fire and shot 33 to lead the way - he has turned into a fabulous player and leader!  Grace Huffman right behind with 37.  Slow start and fine finish.  Grace is spectacular!  Next up for the Cats was Noah Gyscek with 39.  Solid round and when he is focused he can really score.  Garrett Huffman came in with 42 and played steady but missed a few too many putts.  The Cole boys decided to work on a few things and shot 43, 46 - but both will be ready come Monday!  Spotswood number 3 (Simon Parmer) golfer had a fine day with 37 and then they had 40, 40, 44 45, 48.  Cats are 5-0 in district 9 hole matches with one to play! 

Match vs. Broadway - Both teams entered the match undefeated in the 9 hole district matches and the District Championship was on the line and the Amazing Wildcat Golf Team did it again. Victory and District Champs 145-149.  Both teams played excellent golf and with the unbelievable play of Cole Higgins and Trey Cathcart (both shot 33) the Cats pulled it out.  Grace Huffman finished her last home golf match as a senior with 38 (she didn't have a great last hole - but who cares - she is amazing - and is one of the best player in Rockbridge history). Senior Noah Gyscek once again stepped up and shot 41 - he is starting to make this last year a good one.  Cole Cathcart is close to getting back with 42 and Garrett Huffman 43.  Broadway's #1 shot 34 and #3 shot 35 to go with a 38 and 42 - excellent job Gobblers. Time to really get focused in practice and get ready for October 2 and the Region Finals! 

Shenvalee 18 holes - Wildcats headed to Shenvalee Country Club and picked up their Regular Season Championship Trophy and Medals for Trey Cathcart and Grace Huffman for being on the All-District Team! Grace came late to support her Team on her way back from Peeble Beach so didn't get to play!  She was amazing in that tournament and we are all so proud of her!  Broadway pulled out the 18 hole total over the Cats, but Cats still were Regular season champs.  Garrett Huffman lead the team with a 77 today, followed by Trey with 79, Cole Higgins with 80.  Forts #1 shot 67 to run away with medalist honors. Cats are getting ready for Next Monday REGION Match at Ironwood - big week of practice and A games on Monday.  Glad Grace is home safe and ready to ride our Senior Captains to a Region Victory!

Wildcats had a Clean Sweep of the hardware today at Regions!  Team Champs!! - Team Headed to State Finals - Grace Huffman - Medalist - Region Player of the Year!! - Coach Miller - Region Coach of the Year (only because I have great players and parents).  Ironwood played about as hard as I have seen a course play in years.  Very dry conditions and very hard to hold greens.  They have had little to no rain and it made conditions extremely difficult.  The Players also played from longer Tee boxes, but the players overcame and did a great job. Grace played lights out - she made and eagle (her first in competition) and just was great all day long - 75 on that course was outstanding.  Only 2 other golfers even broke 80.  So proud of her.  Trey hung in there all day and was not feeling his best, but still shot 83.  He is a great player and even better leader!  Cole Higgins has once again stepped up for the Cats with an 84 - He is just a great kid with a great attitude on the course.  Next 3 players all shoot 85!  Love this team.  Cole Cathcart had a great back nine and Garrett Huffman is a freshman legend!  Noah Gyscek stepped up today and so proud of all the players. 

Wow - What a Season - State Runner Ups!!  So excited for everyone involved with the Golf Team.  I know the players are thinking all they had to do was play their normal golf and they would be Champs, but that is Golf.  The golf course was incredibly difficult.  It was long, the greens were fast and tricky and the scores for all the teams reflected that.  Even the home team of Abingdon struggle and left the door wide open for the Wildcats to pull off the victory and we just didn't get it done.  Grace Huffman (Longwood signee) lead the team with 2 fine rounds of 80, 79.  Freshman Garrett Huffman really came to play as did senior Noah Gyscek.  Trey Cathcart struggle day one and came around day two to help the squad.  Cole Higgins had a good day one and day two the round got away from him late.  Cole Cathcart also competed for the Cats.  Thanks to everyone and play golf!

Grace Huffman - Independence CC in Richmond - girls State Championship.  81 of the best female golfers in Virginia played in the State finals this year and Grace finished in 13th place.  Great way to end her High School career before heading to Longwood on a full division 1 golf scholarship.  So proud of how hard she has worked to get to this spot.  Grace shot 81-81 for 162.  Excellent play on a very difficult course.  I miss her already!
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